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Installing the Thwarg-Launcher

NOTE: If you already have a version of the Launcher installed, you should uninstall it before proceeding. Unfortunately, I don’t have in place any kind of upgrading and new versions must be installed fresh.

Extract the launcher’s .zip file to a known location. You should end up with a “DISK1” folder.


From here, double click the setup.exe. Windows may warn you that this application is released from an unknown publisher. This is most certainly the case, I’m an unknown publisher. If you’d like to use the launcher, check that it’s ok and proceed.

Read and Accept the License agreement, click Next, then Click Install. The install will most likely ask for elevated permissions. Click OK


Once installed, there’s a checkbox to launch the application. It might be easiest to leave this unchecked for now.

Unfortunately, the installer software I used isn’t the best, and will not allow for user-customized install locations. I chose to install to the Program Files (x86) directory. This can be changed. The application installs to a Thwarg-Launcher folder under Thwargle Games. All of this can be moved around at will.

NOTE: If you are interested in using a different location, I would suggest that you copy/paste the install folder to where you’d like, and then use add/remove programs to remove the installation. This way, if you need a newer version in the future, you don’t have an invalid installation and become unable to uninstall properly.


Register MagFilter.dll with Decal

Open Decal and click Add, then Browse


Navigate to the install directory for the launcher (default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Thwargle Games\Thwarg-Launcher)

Find the MagFilter.dll and click Save


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